Rates and Conditions

We offer casual rates and regular rates depending on frequency of use. To hire a facility please get in touch via the form or contact details on the Contact Us page.

Casual rates (monthly)

  • Hourly $18.00
  • Half Day $75.00
  • Full day $115.00

Regular rates (fortnightly)

  • Hourly $15.00
  • Half Day $50.00
  • Full day $95.00

Free facilities

We have the following facilities provided free for the local community on a quiet enjoyment basis

  • Electric BBQ
  • Half basketball court
  • Playground equipment
  • Western & top stage for non-profit groups
  • Bike/Skateboard path
  • Open space

Bookings not required unless you have an important date 

COSA Terms and Conditions for Hiring

The lovely heritage Clunes Village Common and Old School buildings are provided for community enjoyment and interaction.

The Clunes Common and buildings are maintained by a voluntary committee which loves to see the facilities being enjoyed by all. There are no paid staff and accordingly all cleaning, preparation for events and rubbish/recycling removal is undertaken by the user/hirer.

Terms of Hire

  • Payment of the appropriate fee should be made in full upon receipt of a PDF invoice.
  • Alternatively payment can be made by direct deposit to COSA Inc. Account: BSB 728728 Account number 22209570 (please include a reference).
  • The hirer will be responsible for leaving the facilities and equipment in the same (or better if possible) condition when leaving.

Specific Responsibilities of the Hirer

  1. Loss, damage or breakdown to the facilities should be reported to the COSA committee whereupon an agreement to fix between the hirer & committee will be decided.
  2. Consideration must be shown to the neighbours, whose presence is valued. There should be no trespass or littering of their property and loud music or noise should cease by 9 PM.
  3. Removal of all rubbish/recycling is the responsibility of the hirer.
  4. Injury to all users is the responsibility of the hirer who must safeguard and exert ‘duty of care’ to all people attending their function including the monitoring of alcohol consumption and poor behaviour.
  5. Cleanliness of the rooms/stages etc is the responsibility of the hirer. The facilities, toilets and kitchen must be left clean and tidy. All tables, benches, chairs and equipment must be returned to the correct storage position after being cleaned. A cleaning checklist is supplied to all hirers, this assists with ensuring the returned items to their correct place and all required cleaning has been completed.
  6. Turning off of lights, fans and appliances is the responsibility of the hirer at the completion of the function.
  7. Security of the facilities is the responsibility of the hirer. All windows and doors must be locked on departure and the key returned (if provided).

Safety Considerations

  • Hirers have a ‘duty of care’ to the people who attend their events, meetings and functions and the hirer is responsible for their well-being and any injury incurred as a result of the activities. Due care and warning must be given to those people attending the activity by the hirer.
  • COSA is responsible for the buildings and the immediate physical environment, except for the steps from Walker Street and beyond.
  • Hirers and their guests must park legally on Walker Street, there is no parking on the site including near the half basketball court. Limited access is available for setting up and for the set down of disabled or elderly persons but driving on site is done so at the hirer’s risk.
  • All hirers should be aware of and be able to properly use the fire extinguishers located on each of the building verandahs.
  • Unfortunately no disabled facilities currently exist (ramps or toilets) on the site.
  • To book a room, contact our Booking Coordinator via the form or contact details found on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

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