Over the years there have been numerous wedding events on the Western stage at the Commons. They are usually accompanied with using Classroom 1 and our gardens for the reception, as well as the Coronation Hall located across the road in Walker St if the weather is inclement. Some are shown here on this page:

In 2018 we hosted a Hindi wedding, replete with the customary fire and dress. We are happy to say the stage survived the blaze.

Again in 2018, Clunes local family the Corlets celebrated son Jessie tying the knot.

In January 2023 Louise Drysdale (daughter of locals John and Tracey) were scheduled to marry on the Western stage, unfortunately the weather interrupted that day and they were married in the Coronation Hall. They later had photos taken at the stage. (Photos taken by Mazzer Photographics)

Community Day – 30 October 2022

The whole of the Clunes community was invited to the COSA community day in order to meet and greet each other. We organised the weather to be sunny and warm and it didn’t let us down. On the menu was the Heritage games; 3-legged, sack, egg & spoon races – races that most of the kids would never have heard of before, a best dog competition, Classroom 1 was full of Clunes historical photos, our local RFS cooked a sausage sizzle, a weaving and dyeing display and local artworks display and sale. Approximately 60-70 people attended the day.

Christmas Carols (Carols on the Common)

Each year in December, usually the Sunday before Christmas, COSA hosts the ‘Carols on the Common’ on the western stage and the natural amphitheatre that faces it. For many years the Clunes Carols were held at the Clunes Village Park on Main Street across from the Clunes Store until the Carols committee approached the COSA committee to hold the event, (the world is after all run by committees) believing it to be a safer place for the children of the area. After the western stage was built by a band of local volunteers in about 2016 mainly with the Carols in mind, it has been an ideal venue for it. Again if the weather is inclement at the time the Carols is shifted to the Coronation Hall. In 2020 and 2021 due to Covid 19 the Carols had to be cancelled, however in 2022 a very successful Carols was held with around 500-600 people of all ages enjoying the evening. Here are some photos of that event thanks to the Clunes Carols organising committee:

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